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Lee Adams Music

Hi, I'm Lee! Whether you are in a band, a solo artist, singer-songwriter, or a vocal group and you need a producer or mix engineer to help make your tracks commercial standard and radio ready, you have come to the right place.

I am an experienced song-writer, producer, mix engineer, DJ and live performer (guitar/bass/keys/vocals).

I have been a DJ, played in various live bands performing both originals and covers and now I'm a full time independent producer and mix engineer. I am experienced both behind the desk, and in the role of performer, so I can bring my experience to any production job.

An experienced song-writer and arranger too, I can help any artist and bring them to the next level, whether you are an inexperienced performer starting out and need a demo, or already have a record contract and need your track ready for radio.

The bottom line is: I know how to make hits.

All these packages are recommended for people with their own recording facilties who need professional assistance in making their tracks stand out, and radio-ready

Simple recording facilities are available for vocals, guitars, keys or bass.

We can work long distance through e-mail or you can come to the studio to work.

£150 - Simple Demos/Acoustic Tracks

£495 - Full-Scale Commercial Production

A small production, including the mix. This would be just a couple of instrumental additions with particular emphasis on the mix - this is for acoustic tracks that don't need much additional instrumentation.

Recommended if you are a singer-songwriter wanting a basic track (guitar/vocals) mixing.

Standard remix fee is also £200, and its £100 per track for mixing + mastering without production.

A medium-sized production, again with emphasis on the mix. This would be just a few basic additions such as drums, bass, keys and guitars.

This would be for a big sounding demo, or a smaller scale commercial production.

Recommended for singer-songwriters or solo artists wanting a commercial sounding track. Also bands/artists with basic recordings wanting to make them radio quality.

A full production, again emphasising the mix quality. This would be if you wanted drums, bass, guitars, piano, synths, or orchestrations adding to your basic track.

This is for huge wall-of-sound style productions, commercial radio quality.

Again recommended for solo artists and singer-songwriters but also bands or vocal groups. Artists with basic tracks who want additional production to make a full sounding commercial quality track.

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